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/AIDG/ Writing Guide

The community's premiere writing guide for new learners and general concepts.

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 2020-08-17

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A Coomer's Guide to AI Dungeon

The community's central educational resource for improving erotic writing with AI Dungeon.

Version: 4.0

Last Updated: 2020-12-25

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A minimalist, monocolor version is now also available:
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Other Resources


prompts.aidg.club — The only prompts-sharing website you would need.


Boring/Sexy Generator — Transforms your dull prose into art.


Commands List — Specialized inputs you can give the AI.


Guide — How to make your AID experience "unique".
Themes List — An old list of custom AID themes.
Feel free to contribute your own.

Author's Notes

/aidg/ Author's Notes (Work in progress) — A collection of Author's Note phrases and vocabulary to guide the AI's output (unfinished).

Author's Note Scripting

How to use the provided fileauthorsNote.zip

World Info

WI Guide — Document explaining the basics of WI.
MGE WI Resource — In-progress resource for importing Monster Girls' World Info entries into your stories.


/aidg/ Stories — A list of stories made by /aidg/ posters using AI Dungeon.

Chracter Cards

A Guide To Create And Use Character Cards in AID

Guide[↓] — How to import Character Cards and even make your own!


A Coomer's Guide To 15.ai

Guide[↓] — How to use the latest AI tech to bring singularity a step closer.

An audio representation of infinite possiblities:[↓]

Last Updated: 2021-01-19