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Boring/Sexy Generator for AI Dungeon

Paste ALL text below into a new prompt and go. It’s best to undo your actions as the AI can get confused when making multiple requests in a row.

This turns whatever you input into a sexier, sluttier, raunchier version in output.
Boring: You lick the spoon.
Sexy: You let your tongue loll out as you press it against the spoon's metal shaft. You run your tongue along the spoon's handle, moaning as you reach the tip and engulf it. The taste of the spoon's remaining morsel fills you with an ecstasy that you can barely contain.
Boring: He looks at the tall, old tower.
Sexy: His gaze wanders the tower's length; its dilapidated state and long stature both phallic and entrancing to the eyes. Its a masculine structure, seemingly piercing the womb of the heavens with its stony girth. It fills him with a longing to enter it.
Boring: She yawns and stretches,
Sexy: She lets out a pleasurable moaning yawn as she stretches her body languidly; raising her arms and flexing above her head as sweat glistens from her armpits. The shuddering of her supple skin and the dew of her flesh excites all who watch,
Boring: You insert your penis inside her.
Sexy: You press the head of your manhood against her eager entrance, tickling it with your thick tip, before slowly plunging it into her depths until the base of your shaft meets her quivering wetness with a loud, sloppy 'shlick' of pleasure.
Boring: The potion vibrates.
Sexy: The potion's contents begin to shake and swirl within its confines; a viscous, vibrant effluence that sticks to the bottle's sides, sliding down slowly in a manner that could be described as erotic and hypnotic.
Boring: You sit.
Sexy: Your plump cheeks are encased in the plush cushioning as you spread your legs and rest one upon the other; your genitals hot as they rise from above the fabric of the chair, steamy as the cool air blows upon them.
Boring: ${Enter a boring sentence to turn sexy...}